Saturday, May 06, 2006

toM cruIc3

My favourite movie series and movie star is back on the big screen! I reckon this is better than M:I:2, in the directorship and story line wise. John Woo has too fixed a style and the new director, J. J. Abrams, made his debut directorship of a feature film. He directed Alias before this. Good choice by Tom in choosing him. He slid in jokes and even discussion on relationship problem in places which you normally wouldn't expect. He did a brilliant job.

Some of the funny stuffs I remember was from the scene where Ethan was rushing against time (what else is new?) in a tight hallway in Shanghai - he yelled "让开" as he sped through. Good stuff. Also where Ethan and Jonathan were in Italy speaking Italian, where they caused a fake traffic jam.

And the CG and fight scenes. Wooh..I know why I have never really liked James Bond. It's just simply not as good as Ethan Hunt. And the BOND thing - just sound soooo old. In the opening scene in the industrial area to the helicopter and to the bridge and later to building jumping.

I can't actually say it's better than M:I:2 in the story department but M:I:3 steers back to team work rather than Individual Mission Force =P. The writing is good too - surprising twists and turns.

My rating is of course 5 stars. Well I am a TC fan. Normally when I go to a movie I'd play with my phone (either text of just to check if someone's called) during some climax-building or boring scenes. However M:I:3's just got the forget-about-my-phone kinda hotness! Can't wait for my DVD.

Love it!!

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