Saturday, May 06, 2006


x1. Wot has the director gotta say

x2. What is alf looking for? my love-of-all-time comic (prolly one and only?) the X-men. I still remember watching them since I was a teenager. I might not have realised then, we all had, and still do, have a common denominator. Being different is, first and foremost, being judged and discriminated against by the so-called normal people. Mutants are different to superheroes like the Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Spiderman and more. Mutants are considered human genetic defect, in other words, inhuman. On some level I identify with them. Hence, I was overwhelmed to see all my favourite heroes on the big screen.

x3. alf's biasedness Despite Wolverine being made the main character in the trilogy, my affection is always towards Cyclops. Plus the character is played by James Marsden (from Ally McBeal). His epic love story with Jean Grey, goes beyond space, time and cosmic entities. Jean is coming back in the 3rd instalment as Dark Phoenix (however the story line, I think, is twisted from the original of how Jean turns from just Phoenix to Dark Phoenix). Nonetheless, I have always looked forward to Cyclops and Jean more than any other mutants.

x4. something that I hope is not true This could be the last X-men franchise movie WB has set out to do since the beginning. When I saw the official trailer last night, I was just overwhelmed and excited.

x5. May 25 2006!!! Check your listing here for Hoyts and Village.

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