Friday, June 02, 2006

Stormy Apologies

I would like to apologise for being a biatch in my review for X-Men: The Last Stand, especially on Storm.

I just did some research and recall from the comic collections, that the fight between Storm and Callisto was in fact quite a defining moment in the X-Men history.

You see Callisto was far from as pretty as the character in the movie. She was one of the sewage people. Yes you heard me right. There are mutants who live in the sewage systems. I don't know why but they all looked very deformed physically. They are called the Morlocks.

What happened was that the Morlocks had captured the X-Men. Callisto, leader of the underground mutant camp, intended to marry Angel (the mutant who has wings). Kitty Pryde was dying, infected by a disease caused by one of the Morlocks. Storm went on to challenge Callisto in a hand-to-hand duel-to-the-death battle for the exchange of freedom of the fellow X-Men.

Ororo, who was still weak suffering the same disease, struggled in the batter. After being cut several tmes, she ensnared Callisto with her cape and stabbed her in the chest.

This intelligent blending, from comic to movie, also took part where Cyclops wasn't available to the team as the long-serving leader. And it was the first time Ororo ever killed. I was very shocked to see the change the battle had done to Storm. She was no longer the typical goddess with long-hair and long white soft dress. Instead, she became this punk woman with hair that grew only on the middle of her head and she was wearing tight leather jeans etc. Thereafter she became the leader of the X-Men for a period of time before Cyclops returned.

Her originally maternal-like bond with Kitty changed too, after the battle...even though they did make up after some serious misunderstandings.

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