Sunday, June 04, 2006

w0w!! there's something u don't c everyday

The 2 photos above were taken at Volkswagen's new storage facility in Wolfsburg, Germany. The actual space that the facility occupies is approximately only 20% of a comparable facility with the traditional design that is used primarily in the US. Not only is the German structure less expensive to build, but vehicles are also "retrieved" in less time and without the potential of being damaged by an attendant.

Collecting your new car is an event in itself. "In a fully automated procedure, your new car is brought down to you from one of the 20-story Car Towers. Large signboards in the Customer Center show you when your turn has come. Then, you're handed the keys, your picture is taken, the glass doors open and your brand-new car appears. You're all set to go".


Winnie Wong said...

Well, let's just hope they built the Car Tower in a location that's not subject to any degree of earthquake.

I would imagine the slighest quake could potentially shake all cars off their "rack".

elle said...

Im pretty sure that they wont build something like that in Indonesia hahahaha....tho near my place in jakarta, there is a Mercedes Benz warehouse, which is a three storeys car parks filled with all Mercedez Benz. If only there were an earthquake and one of the car flied into my garage, that would be nice.....=D

Winnie Wong said...

Yeah - Keep dreaming....hahahhaa

I hope your dreams come true (and I hope they make it a double - so you can "share" your dream with me)


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