Wednesday, October 03, 2007

just suddenly

am in a mess of papers, scissors, card boards, ribbons, wrappers and more papers... And the sun is blazing its alpha & beta rays from millions of kilometers away - sending warmth everywhere. Yes it's getting warmer now. Summa is coming!

But I don't want summer to come. Suddenly I am missing winter. Would it be great if it was winter everyday? Perhaps there would be less skin cancer patients?

I want winter - despite heavy and cumbersome winter clothing, I can hide everything underneath them. I can eat like no tomorrow when excuse myself with I need the fat for the cold. I can also escape gym with I'll go when summer is closer.

Summer is coming and I need to get my lazy bum into shape! Perhaps the treadmill is already snearing at me. Summer is coming and I need to get my skinny arms into bulkier trunks! Summer is coming and I need to flatten my tummy! Summer is coming and I need to get some new sunscreen from Shiseido!

Perhaps I need to find a second home in Europe or Canada when it's getting colder now.

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