Sunday, October 07, 2007


From the other end of the phone there came a familiar and well-missed voice. When my parents told me to enjoy and appreciate the time I had while I was still a student, I didn't quite believe them. But I do now - you'll learn to treasure things or people when you have lost them, the sour grapes are always perceived to be better.

I'm now questioning my decision that I made at the end of 2005. My decision to reside in a still-foreign land. A land that most of my close friends have fled from. Does my resolution of waiting half a year still stand? Will I make up more excuses to stay?

Like she said, it's hard when you can't just pick up the phone or to meet those you think who know you, whenever you need them. Things are OK most of the times, at least on the surface. But sometimes it just gets to you. Like a hidden thorn. I try to stay strong but I can't really bank on keeping cool will not make me stone cold.


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