Wednesday, October 17, 2007

it takes more than just holding one

It seems like a lot of companies out there are giving these supposedly green bags away. Literally, they are meant for us to use less plastic bags. That said, everytime I go to the market I still see people having a lot of plastic bags in their green bags. The green bag has been compromised! It's not supposed to be an extra big bag to accomodate more plastic bags.

I definitely think it takes more than just giving out green bags - which is merely another promotional means quite frankly - to help reduce the use of plastic bags. I remember hearing Safeway was phasing out the use of plastic bags but I don't think it's happened yet. Even the Australian government said something like that before - about total discontinuation of plastic bag use.

I don't think we need to start that big - everyone could do their parts. Why do we need to use a blue plastic bag for 4 apples, then another green one for a piece of fish, a pink one for some vege? I do just chuck everything in the green bag. And then you put all those plastic bags in your green bag. What purpose does it serve? When I am given a plastic bag at the market, I shamelessly give it back to the seller.

Tackling green house gases or climate change doesn't have to start big and bold when everyone can play their part. Just by saying NO to plastic bags.

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