Saturday, October 13, 2007

it takes 6 months to ship from the US to Aus?

Awwww. I'm missing all my favourite TV shows -Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.

I'm loving the new additions to DH and B&S. Right now I can only rely on youtube and this fabulous new blog that I found - televisionista.

I don't know how much longer can Channel 7 hold off these shows. Network 10 and Channel 7 seem to be having rating wars. So far they are so ahead of Network 9, which I am glad as 9 sucks, by screening hit shows directly from the US (well delay of a few days, but who's complaining as long as I can see my Milo on a weekly basis).

So I was saying about my anticipations. There's so much going on in Wysteria Lane with new couples and rekindling of the old characters like Andrew. I also wanna see Lynette more as she's my favouritest housewife, followed by Bree (I could be almost as anal as she is). And after 3 seasons, there's gonna be a gay couple moving into the lane. Cat fight just got more interesting!

On Ugly Betty, I have to say, I'm looking forward to seeing all the characters. First of all the evil queen herself, Wilhemina, followed by the queen hag (is there such a thing?) Marc and the little upcoming queen Justin. And of course Betty with Henry - such bitterrrrrrr sweeeeeeeeet couple, whose love story is so looked forward to. Mind you, our Mrs. Beckham will be guest-starring on the show too, playing herself. I'm sure that would be easy by looking robotic throughout.

And my favourite Mama on TV - Nora Walker, played by the wonderful and outspoken Sally Fields. The cast of B&S is simply joyous to watch. An everyday-family plot which I feel very close to my heart. As if there's not enough characters, there will be more new players, who will be playing new love interests to a couple of the siblings.

And last but not least, a show that might start to slip on ratings - Grey's Anatomy - a show which is no stranger to controversy by depicting slutty doctors who work at a supposedly-public-hospital-but-occassional-brothel-or-hotel. If the decline in rating continued, Isiah Washington must be laughing his ass off after being laid off. However, his new show, Bionic Women doesn't look tasty at all with weak writing and cast. Back to Grey, hopefully the writers will find a way of bringing the audience back. Perhaps this time, enough already with sleeping with the doctors. Cross the line, or should I say IV drip, and get it on with your patients already! Perhaps something along the line of a man who wants a sex change then falls in love with a straight-turned-lesbian doctor? Will that work? It's both a shame and a great deal for Kate Walsh, who played Dr. Addison Montgomery on Grey, now leading a spin-off of Grey in, literally, Private Practice.

Sometimes, OK I was being kind with sometimes, Australia is so behind in not only bringing these shows into Australia on a timely basis, but the DVDs themselves take months of shipping across the Pacific Ocean. I guess I'll have to happy with just Heroes and House for the moment.

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