Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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Lions for Lambs

Wooo this is exciting! If you realise it, the common denominator of the 3 films is war. I am not normally a fan of this genre. However, one of the reasons that interests me to watch a certain film is because of its actors and actresses. That said, storyline weighs far more than just familiar faces.

Valkyrie started off badly with contraversies around its plot. Naturally, anything to do with world wars, Hitler and Japan would arguably spark arguments among people. The 2 people that I look forward to seeing are Tom Cruise (who else?) and the director Bryan Singer, who has made his name in Apt Pupil and The Usual Suspect. After The Last Samurai, I'm eager to watch Tom in another drama role.

Rendition is another very current-issue type of film that ventures into the realm of torture of war prisoners. Coincidentally, I just watched something similar on TV last night. Images of a female officer keeping a naked Arabian soldier on a leash are really disturbing. She also had this smirk on her face. How much of this goes undisclosed - I don't know. Hopefully Rendition will be able to get people thinking and starting to question government decision and the greater picture of democracy. However, the character of Meryl Streep says something along the line of "we kill one to save many", which will definitely invite criticism. What else can I ask for - Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese no-longer-Mrs.-Phillippe Witherspoon and the great Meryl Streep.

Another amazing rock-solid cast consisting Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise - Lions for Lambs. I have limited knowledge of this movie - seeing that it's gonna screen on Nov 9 2007 and I've just learned of it. One thing that worries me is that great cast often does not coincide with great story. Fingers crossed and knock knock.

Just wondering if Rendition and Lions for Lambs are gonna add to Streep's list of Oscar nominations. With 14 nominations (she won 2) already, I doubt if anyone can surpass that.

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