Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What The?

Blind Person: Hi, could you please point me to the toilet?

Security Guard (or anyone): Yes of course. Now let me bring you to this wall. At the end of this wall, you'll find the braille signing you to where the toilet is.

Blind person: (as guard guiding his hand onto the wall) Start here?

Guard: Yes, start touching and feeling from here to your right.

Blind person: Is it the male toilet?

Guard: Yes, you will find that the sign will say so too.

Guard: (thinking aloud) Who would care? Even if you went into the opposite-sex toilet, what could you possibly see?

Alf: I just realised how hard it is for a blind person to even go to toilet. Given that they were able to locate the toilet after touching all the great walls, how would they find the cubicles or urinal bowls/stand? A woman could still sit on a toilet bowl; but a man who would pee into the urinal bowl... The toilet cleaner would have a hell lot to mop, not to mention the possibility of someone slipping on some yellow liquid!

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