Monday, September 24, 2007

Hmmmm... it ain't that bad afterall?

Let's see if I can find a title to this post at the end of writing it. Just feel like I need to write something now.
So I was arriving back in the city after work at about 2.30pm. Decided not to go home so I went for a walk at the bank of Yarra river holding a cone of New Zealand ice-cream. It was such a nice day with the sun coming in and out of the clouds. It was still winter but I thought I could smell the springy-ness in the air. Bracing myself in the still-chilly wind I strutted along the river bank, watching the world went by.

And then I found myself sitting down at Taxi, sipping a lemon-lime bitter. I had not done so for quite some time - enjoying the sun and wind. I think from the look of the picture, I was looking contended with myself, despite other parts of my life were still trying to catch up.

Funny thing is I never allow myself to be happy for too long. The bathroom scale showed that I had gained 1-2kg last night. But I dismissed it as I found out that the scale had an error. After correcting it tonight I knew I couldn't hide it anymore. Two weeks of hay fever have done too much damage to my was-going-to-be-flatter-I-swear tummy. I know I can pull myself back, (",) - not gonna be one that let myself go when confronted with less-than-ideal situation.

Life is still good - and since I'm here now I want to start something that I have been wanting to do for so long. A gratitude diary - I first saw it on Oprah. So there you go. I wanna thank myself (LOL first entry in the gratitude diary I wanna thank myself?!) for not giving up on myself. Maybe sometimes I don't feel like I am good enough or just too up-myself some other times, I know I will always improve. Secondly I wanna thank my parents genes for being OK when they passed it down to me. I appreciate the way I am - when I look around and find people who are less fortunate physically than I am.

That's all for now. Another beautiful day awaits!

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