Friday, September 01, 2006

Nice work!

I quite like this baby of mine. Been a long time since I last made a card for a friend or family. I have never made a card for the receiver of this card. The black thing is like a net (it was a legacy left by Ee Lin before she left Melbourne =P). It's meant to look like a dress - don't know if anyone got that impression. Only the golden string was something I newly bought, everything else was taken from my dusty-but-still-creditable bag of stuff for times that call for artistic articulation of the mind.

Actually I have not been using those stuff that I bought years ago coz I can't seem to replace them if they are used up. You see the purplish hole-punched tissue-like paper - hard to find now. I have got another one with dried leaves and one with red little heart shapes on it.

Initially wanted to make a Father's day card. I didn't have the correct material - I needed some golden papers, which I thought I had, and some wrapper that has unique printing on it - something symbolises love, peace and gratitude. I already had an idea roughly how it would look like. See how lah...

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