Saturday, September 23, 2006

fifteen Melbourne (part 1)

Thanks Mrs. Yeong who helped us take the shot. From left: PJ, SS, PE, JK and me. The restaurant is actually camouflaged by the wooden doors so we did pass it the first time. And luckily PJ made it just by the cut.

They are letting us wait no more!!! We can go in finally - the first customers of the (second) day. I am sure PE loves the pink shade.
I have forgotten to take a pic but as you go down the stair, you could see the part of the open kitchen and the salivating smell just engulfs you.
Fifteen is an international foundation to help disadvantaged street teenagers. It aims to help them earn a living and learn skills by training them to become chefs. Of course, fueled by the passion and nakedness of the internationally famous TV chef Jamie O, this is the fourth fifteen restaurant in the world. Its predecessors are London, Cornwall and Amsterdam. The fifteen Melbourne is actually manned by another TV chef, who has also involved himself in fifteen London and used to make appearances on Channel 10's "Ready, Steady, Cook", Tobie Puttock.
Very very unforunately and disappointingly that JO had already gone back to the bloody UK! So I couldn't get him to sign the recipe books.

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