Monday, September 04, 2006


Arghhhh I don't even have to wake up to smell the coffin. Corporations Law assignment due this Thursday - the fact that I have not even attended a lecture or listened to the online lecture is astoundingly not scary; CT5 exam next Tuesday which I need to pass desperately because for it I have missed everything else literally academically; and 2 days after that APC 2 assignment is due. I am soooooooo looking forward to the time after that when I will start to enjoy a bit more life.

More about death - I was shocked that Steve Irwin was dead! Thanks to Edmund who sms-ed me from KL a few hours after it happened. My sister thought I was joking. I'd think his ways of dealing with the wildlife were quite jokingly misleading. Come on, you can't crikey all your way through fighting with a crocodile. But I appreciate all he'd done for the wildlife. Without him a lot couldn't have been possible. Who would have thought - as per Sherly - a croc hunter killed by a sting ray is so anticlimatic. Somewhere a crocodile must be grunting - he should have been mine!!

And a client of Melinda (my co-worker) and I made us a mixed CD and he gave it to me today! Thank you so much Dzung but pardon me for not knowing how to D-zung your name. Talkative fella =P I am sure I haven't seen the last of him. He's gonna bombard me with more claims... Oh no... Luckily some first daughter (I'll just leave it at that - if you could guess then be my guest) didn't come to see me. Otherwise you might not be reading any new post of mine in time to come as I might be choy-choy-choy-dai-kat-lai-shi!

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