Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Somehow over the course of my 凉茶slash糖水 making for PJ in the past few weeks or month has made me fall in love with 薏米水。 It's very simple to make relatively to the other few that I make too. Just some winter melon cubes and some barley into the slow cooker and it's done in 2 hours or so. But beware of the barley you use - only Malaysian Ayam Brand 洋薏米 is trustable by my tongue.

The others I make include (Moon's 真传) of 3-date 凉茶, namely black dates + red dates + honey dates; colours wise black-red-brown. They have to be seeded otherwise would be heaty (again this word doesn't exist in the English dictionary) instead of cooling.

Also another favourite of mine is 龙眼水/longan drink. Oh I bring my longan all the way from home, which has been brought in from Golok, Thailand. Very nice but can't boil for too long - the fruit loses its springy-ness. I also sometimes add red dates to the longan and it will become even tastier - 龙眼红枣茶。Yum Yum....

All these hot herbal drinks are very nice especially in winter... Just a mug in my hand and a teaspoon sipping away watching TV or something... 最棒的幸福也。

Missing the red and green bean soup by Mom... I will never ever make anything close to what she does.

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