Saturday, September 23, 2006

fifteen Melbourne (part 2)

The "bible"to some good food. I think we all looked like a bunch of "mountain monkeys" (Hokkien translation: meaning people who have never out in the civilisation) with the taking pictures and high-pitched conversation.

The bar - which is very unique as it's an open one. As you can see, people can side face-to -face instead of side-to-side. Shame we didn't have a drink but it'd be a bit too luxurious to have liquor when it was still day! You'll see me back soon enough.

Camera's doing a good job - PJ seems to have materialised out of the opening behind her.

me & my fish stew which was yummy - very seafood-ish. Tasted very sweet (not sugar). And btw I don't think I can be a waiter looking at the way I hold the plate.

They have different menus daily as to train the chefs - therefore we were allowed to take the menus! And Tobie signed them! I got 2 as JK didn't want it. =)

Busy snapping pics all the way - that's the master mind behind - Tobie Puttock (you're welcome to think otherwise). We were initially so shy to ask him if we could take a pic but WTH. He's very friendly, at least on camera. It's the FIFTEEN's concept to have an open kitchen as people can see the chefs preparing wonderful dishes for the patrons.

The organic food they serve just taste superb considering the chefs that cooked for us have just been trained not too long ago. I look forward to going there again. Unfortunately the dinna bookings are taken up till the end of January now; only lunches on weekdays are still available. So if you wanna find out please ring 1300 799 415.

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