Tuesday, September 12, 2006

野火烧不净,春风吹又生 -- CT5烧干净,让我心清静

I can't begin to tell how relieved I was when the invigilator announced the paper concluded earlier today. All the hardwork (well maybe not as much as complaining and procrastinating. whatever ~hehehe~) had paid off I guess. Pretty sure I won't score 100% but I think I can hold up an exemption certificate in November.

Can't imagine if I have to do it all over again in April. From the girl whom I talked to before the exam started, full-time working people may need a couple of attempts before they pass a paper. So I hope I can pass them while I am still at Uni. She brought a stack of notes to exam and that reminded me of something I hadn't done for so long. Chances are no matter if I am well prepared or not for an exam, I normally won't bring any materials to the exam venue. Firstly it's cumbersome but more importantly I doubt I can enforce anything anymore at that point of time. I could only stuff it up and confuse myself even further.

Recalling my life coming back to Melbourne in the end of July - starting with PJ's medical situation and later my own (on a much much much smaller scale however), I haven't really stopped studying when I am not working and working when I am not studying. I didn't have much of a life outside that. I feel that I have lost a lot of friends and potential ones too. It felt like taking 6 subjects at the Uni and working at the same time. And I often ignore a couple of them as I simply can't manage. So my mind is telling me it's time to pick up where I left of but my brain is saying otherwise?

Mom's made 薄饼for my brother today. Miss them all.

Looking forward to "The Devil Wears Prada" next week.

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