Sunday, November 13, 2005

What am I feeling?

The fine line between getting excited and getting sick for the exam.

The fine line being:
  • how bad do I wanna go to toilet (excited - no; sick - yes)
  • the temperature of my hand (excited - cold; sick - warm and cold)
  • my enthusiasm for continued study until the last minute (excited - yes; sick - charmed, Friends, X-files, internet, chat, story books)
  • willingness to waste time for Idol tonight (excited - yes; sick - yes/no; they've got my fav songs tonight)
  • and not forgetting, puking (excited - yeah!; sick - nooooooooo)
  • blogging (excited - half half, escaping to vent my blogging steam; sick - no)

2 risky and controlling papers on Mon and Wed...Actuaweeny们, fasten your pen to your brain and ink it out!

1 comment:

moonie_piranha said...

Hey buddy, ur blog so chim~~~ excited? sick?


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