Sunday, November 20, 2005


Watched the movie "Prime" tonight with Brad. It's been a while since I watched some nice romantic comedy. I have found that they don't normally live up to my expectation hence I do not really dig them.

But this, I loved. It was fun, sexy and of course romantic and hot. The chemistry between Rafi and Dave was totally believable. And the intimate details about penis and not using a condom... It's more real than any romantic comedy that I've seen.

I mean the story line is exciting itself. A woman is dating the son of her therapist who is 14 years old younger than she is. And the mother wants her daughter-in-law to be be jewish and doesn't want her son to be a painter!

The mother says this in the end,"You love, you leave and you learn". How strikingly true that is. I also read something similar in someone's blog not so long ago and have wanted to share with you - being in love is about 2 people coming together with loads of baggage and complications and history and getting through those.

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