Wednesday, November 23, 2005

An account of a day or two

Woke up at 6.30 this morning. Thought it was 8am. But it’s not. The sky is already 8am bright according to my autumn brightness scale. Hit the loo for some toxic dump. Is it appropriate to blog about toilet habit? Ah, who cares? I love going to the toilet in the morning, especially just after waking up and before having my breakkie and shower. That’s a very nice feeling that I have so that there’s no need to look for a public toilet for the rest of the day in the case of an emergency.

I guess it’s my holiday mode has been turned on. I remember every time I was at home for holiday – I slept very early. Just like yesterday, after reading a few pages of Angel and Demon I gave in to the sleep demon at 11pm. Thanks for that – I woke up to a very beautiful morning. I haven’t actually had a good look at the starting of a day for quite some time already.

It’s always very nice to look out of the window from my room. Just green. Green is good for your eyes, there goes my parents. There is this tree that is growing purple flowers. Nice. Birds are looking for worms? Do they actually still do that? Probably not. Coz they don’t look like using their beaks to break the ground and look for worms. Instead they are taking morning walks! Just like my Grandma when she always go out in the morning for a walk and an exercise.

Interestingly I am not a morning person to go out for physical activities in the morning. Morning has usually been spent with reading, music and TV.

Had my haircut yesterday. The hair-dresser was Emi. She didn’t sound like an Ozzie so I asked her if she’s not local. She’s from Austria. What did we start to talk about that led us to true love? Oh that. We talked about German. I complaint how hard the language is – with the sex we have to remember for each object and when to use die, der and das. She went on to talk about her boyfriend. That’s what started true love.

She came travelling to Australia 5 years ago and Chris (her bf) went to Austria ½ a year a go. They met in Austria. It was love at first sight. And now she is in Australia, planning to get married to Chris in a year or two. That is really a big step to take and it’s because of true love, according to her. At this moment in time, I do not think that I could do it. Is it because I am not in love, and even if I am, I am not brave enough to take a leap? Most of the great things happened because someone took a leap. Be it a scientific break through or a love epic.

She went on to compare the view on love between women in Austria and Australia. In the Austrian culture, they do not really care about getting married. People just don’t care. But some women here can give up a relationship if the relationship is not going to take a next big step into the church. So we questioned what actually true love was. Is true love blinding? Is true love pure energy that will lift you to a place where nothing else can do so?

Even so, can true love die? Is there an expiry date on true love? One step back, probably there is more than one definition of true love. So can I say that instead of looking for true love, we might want to look for the other half that has same definition? I read before that being in love is an addiction. Do we really love the person or just loving the feelings because one thinks that one is in love?

Emi also asked me why my view on love would be relatively negative compared to hers. She questioned if I had any bad experience. I think the answer is yes and no as I don’t really wanna classify as major events of my life. She asked me to wait. She mentioned that great things are always worth waiting for. When the moment comes, that’s it. I could only nod.

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Winnie Wong said...

Ahhh....what to say.....

Only those who have experienced will believe that what they have gone through will apply to everyone else in the same manner.

I can only say she's lucky and that her luckiest moment came to her just like as if it dropped from the skies. I'm aware of other stories where people actually don't wait but take actions to find their true love . It's different I suppose, different...depending on your fate/life.

p.s. I still can't wake up early in the morning and am still suffering from insomnia. I hope I can wake up in time for Harry Potter on 1st Dec. hahaha


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