Monday, November 14, 2005

Everything little thing

waiting for your call

i'm hung up

i'm fed up

i'm tired on waiting on you

time goes by so slowly

i don't know what to do

baby night and day

(cannot study)

(hung up to hung up)

(time goes by very fast)

(everything I read will just vapourise)

(waiting for December 1 to come)

tick tick tock it's a quarter to 2

i know that you are still hesitating

Don't cry for me

Cause I'll find my way

You'll wake up one day

But it will be too late

(dont mind me crapping)

(life is good)

(sipping my berry crush from boost juice)

(wearing my favourite shirt and pants)

1 comment:

moonie_piranha said...

thanks for song, dear.You are right, i love it!!


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