Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The reason

From the time that I can recall, my family is not that religious to start with. My dad hasn't really been into Taoism that my Grandma practiced. And my Mum just follows suit. So do we all.

Maybe I do not understand or refuse to accept the goodness of religion. Maybe, I am afraid of the drawbacks that I may come across with.

This morning I woke up with a thought that equates religion to drugs. It is really something that I do not want to associate myself with. Both of them are known to be doing good to people but at the same time, also known as abusive substance.

I think some people can really go crazy around these things. For one, they mess with your head! The use of religion in spreading the ideology is so just among the believers, so as drug addicts (they are for a cycle of good and bad times). A helicopter just flew over the gloomy Melbourne sky. That is also a reaction to what religious war has brought about.

While drug dealers are usually rich, dark and powerful, religious leaders are not much better having a bunch of wannabes tagging along, worshipping every word they could make out of their teaching. Both politically successful and unsuccessful people do strategise from a religious point of view.

I believe that animals do not have any beliefs but their instincts. Sometimes we compare ourselves to them and say that that is what makes us different from them. However sometimes we are not that different. Maybe we are cladded in clothes, living in stone-made houses (still), and transporting with vehicles, we still kill for survival and power. The difference is the animals kill because they need to survive; we kill because we can.

We can build weapons of mass destruction and we have languages and we have brains that are sometimes confused and easily influenced. If so, I had the wrong cause to start with, as everything we do, comes from the electrical impulses generated in the cavity in our skulls.

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