Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Devil Detour

I am really taking a long-winded-misleading-confusing-twisted route reading the notes by the supposedly best lecturer in Actuarial Studies.

Best lecturer - I suppose there are different criteria of choosing the best whatever/whoever.

Probably it's my understanding is poor thus cannot catch up with his notes. I used to think so in FM2. Still thought so in AM2. But with RT2, it seems that my believe has been challenged. My understanding shouldn't be that poor should it?

His notes are so difficult to follow. When it comes to important and big formulae, it definitely doesn't look like one. Those important concepts are always found in the least expected area of the notes. And I seriously think he is too smart for me to follow.

Just wanna say that - it's supposed to be a lecture, not a course on studying your research papers.

Ah well, me finished complaining for the day. Wish every risk-theory-2 taker to be very risk averse and so everything you can to avoid being de-exempted.

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