Sunday, April 01, 2007


Been meaning to write about this for a long time but just have forgotten! So S-M-O-K-E-R-S achtung!! Basically I not only hate smokers - I actually hope that they'd all be drowned in their own filth!

I dunno what kinda stupid government actually says that it's OK to smoke in open air. Ain't that just dumb? We all breathe the open air. And by breathe, it means sucking in all the filth which smokers exhale. And it seems quite useless and naive for the Victorian Gov to say that - it's OK if you don't smoke under some shades at a train/tram/bus stop. Obviously they missed a science class where they were supposed to be taught that air actually moves!

I just hope that all smokers are required to pay, not by just increased prices of cigarettes, but to all non-smokers too! And by pay, it's not to the Gov but into my bank account. I ain't get my lungs doing all the filtering for nothing! And to stop people smoking in open spaces outside a building, companies should mandate a smoking lounge for smokers in their offices. Just like smoking lounges at the airport. Sherly said that this had already been done in Indonesia. It's time to step up Australia.

I get so irritated everyday walking in the smoked corridor of DIMA building. And I already got so bold that I frantically fan my face everytime I walk past those polluters. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I wish I had taken the picture, by a mom smoking while carrying her child! I got more chill up my spine from that than watching The Ring 2.

Even worse for my friend PJ while she was walking in the same goddamn corridor. A homeless-like smoker was puffing in front of her so she was suffocating in the wake of his pleasure. Therefore she decided to cut past that man. Who knew that sucker actually threw the cigarette at her and called her some nice bitchy names. So much for Australia saying NO to violence against women. That's assault for COL.

Smokers, I don't mind you taking another plot in the ground, but please don't drag my lungs in with you.

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