Monday, April 02, 2007

About time

While having my haircut with my (favourite) hairdresser, Yudai, today - suddenly I thought that it was time for me to abuse my birthday.

In the past few years I used my birthday as an excuse to buy myself something. Sometimes, others, to buy me something. I think back in 2003 I bought my first pair of expensive & branded sunnies from Oakley. And in 2004, did I buy 2 pairs of shoes back-to-back which came to AUD450++? And those I extorted my parents' credit card, if you must know.

So what did I do in 2005? Oh yea extorsion again - this time my target got definitely bewildered. I got myself a new Toshiba laptop, which is now deteriorating in form & shape (Dad & Mum simultaneously: access denied; which is why they haven't sent my a new credit card yet, as the day draws closer).

Just last year as I was starting to make some money working part-time, I decided to pamper myself with goodies again! So there so a few hundred bucks to a new pair of Morrissey sunnies and some nice aussieBum undies! I paid for them using the then unearned salary.

All of the above - were all done a couple of months before my real birthday. I'm not surprised that it has become a trend for me. As you know it's April 2 today and the mind starts thinking ahead, from which nothing good can come about.

You know - there's always a nice new cardigan from Calibre which I have had my eyes on since last year; and then there's a new pair of track pants from my beloved aB and a few newly designed undies - my dear ex housemates surely knew how much I loved my undies; what else? I could always appreciate a MX5, in fact any Mazda will do thank you very much; a new jacket from Calibre wouldn't hurt right? In fact it'd keep me so w-a-r-m in winter. In addition, a scarf is inevitable for the coming winter ey? That pink Paul Smith scarf is screaming furiously at me that it would rather sit around my neck than on the shelf.

But I'm going to be a good boy (so not true!) that I'll adhere to my budget religiously and only give in to those desires until the return of the tax-returns. Or I can always think of just another excuse to find myself coming out of the stores with a bag or two. How about doing that after my CT8 exam? What a great way to spend my Friday afternoon yea?

At the end of the day, I'm afraid I'll shove my own words up my @r$e so fast, that I won't even feel sorry for. I'm a slave for myself!

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