Friday, April 13, 2007

Just a little bit of

Was a little down today. Didn't do quite as well as I would have liked in CT8 but hopefully I'll scrape through. The supposedly after-exam adrenaline-producing shopping spree didn't quite cheer me up. As the exam-and-fruitless-shopping headache snowballed further I decided to call it an arvo and got home. No 300 for me at the cinema tonight either - a bit disappointed 'bout that.

Nonetheless I have got place to vent my frustration. Ta-dah! I sat down and brainstormed for ideas to make cards. Cards for Father's and Mother's days. So early I hear you ask? Not early lor, I always don't have time in May and June due to assignments and exams. Oh god, Mother's day is in fact less than a month to go people! Haul ass and go get something for you Mom already!

So Dad will get the first <3 and Mom second. And it's not just the <3's that they are getting. In fact, each of them will be attached to a card that I haven't conjured yet as my ingredients have just run out. These <3's will be made detachable as they are meant to be combined and framed away! Of course I won't leave the surface that comes in touch with the <3 to be left blank. I'll fill the space with family pictures. Nice eh?

Of course I won't expect my parents to be able to guess the grand design. Afterall, it still depends on the puppet master (i.e. ME) to bring the climax to the show. Can't wait to see the excitement on their faces and to hear the praises too!

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