Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Drag-gish Sound of Music

Sherly and I went for the The Sound of Drag Music Show at tha make-shift Bosco Theatre on the Yarra River bank last night. Being a sucker for TSOM I wouldn't have missed the show, even for the Hitlers.

As it turned out, it was anything, but, TSOM. I was tricked by the title into believing that they performers were drag queens. In fact they were all women who dressed up like drag queens!! Talking about personality crisis!! They did look like men - or rather they were really good at impersonating drag queens. Oh boi...

The show was bent in every angle possible. First of all Maria was large and short - quite a piece of eye candy for the show I guess. I think the first shock came quite late when the Reverend Mother, out of no where when singing Climb Ev'ry Mountain, upped the ante and made it a dance/disco climb indeed! That was a good one.

And Kurt didn't want to be a man like the Captain anymore - instead he wanted to grow boobs and ended up dancing in exotic club in Russia or something. with Liesel. Captain Von Trapp was no longer charming but instead a life-size stink bomb. And a super long one too - every time he farted. In fact, it was so distinctive and sharp that it took over the place of the wisel that he used. And Kurt had to let out a glass-shattering shriek everytime he announced his entrance into the same room, of course, by farting.

And the lesbianism involved!! You won't believe it - yes Baroness Schr├Ąder was the big lesbo! On the other hand Liesel definitely showed that she was playing for both teams.

It was a good show - laughing and the sing-along. My jaw was so sore. Can't wait for more of the Comedy Fest!! Stephen K Amos, Danny Bhoy and Best of Edinburg Fest here I come!!

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