Sunday, April 22, 2007

worst when

I find myself having a pimple (yes I still have them once in a blue moon, like period, yes) on the area between my upper lips and nose. It's all very Together Again - Everywhere I Go, Every smile I make, I know you are there smiling back at me. Dancing in moonlight, I know you are red, Coz I can see your face, sticking out from me!

What is much worse than feeling the tension on the pimple when I move my lips or shave (oh dear lord), would be if I was having a cold and running nose. Believe me, that's the worst time ever to pick to grow a pimple in that area. The sensation of the pimple exploding everytime you blow your nose is just akin to you looking for a toilet desperately (for #2) in rain when you are late for a job interview. So if you sense that a cold is coming at ya, in addition to the whole bottle of Vit.C that you are gonna swallow, make sure you clean your face well and keep away from oily food.

Now where's my Dalacin-T?

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