Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Went, I Saw, I Didn't Quite Conquer (Yet?)

Tramming down Swanston St passing Hype in QV - I think I was being called by the shoes in there. Some of them even SOS-ed me. I had no idea our encounter would be such a self-made tragic one.

And so I went into the shop, almost knocking against the glass wall. Luckily no one saw, or so I thought. Scan scan scan. Aha! I found my love at first. Instinct took over after 4 seconds going into an inner battle of sticking-to-budget vs. sticking-to-impulse. I took that sample shoe to the shop assistant in my trembling hands.

"Sorry sir, we only have size 9."

Only if I had longer toes.

Fine for now... But I won't give up. I will ask them to call other branches to bring in my size 8! Otherwise how you think I got my camouflaged adidas from there last time?

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