Friday, March 17, 2006

NGC (National Geographic Channel)Strikes again!!!

Moon forwarded me this. In the mail, it says:"If you look at this picture very carefully, you can notice that Black ones are shadows, white ones are the real camels… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The snap has been taken from top......... Simply unbelievable"

I can't see it - enlighten me please someone? Do I have to view it upside-down or inside-out or diagonally?? I should ask EY.

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Winnie Wong said...

er....Alfred, pardon me for my straightforwardness, but it's just as simple as the instruction says. Could you spot what looks like a small stretch of rectangular white creamy object just beneath the foot of the black camel shadow? Look carefully. Well, that's the actual camel (when looked vertically from the top - imagine only seeing the top back of the camel). The sun is shining from the "bottom" of the photo, which then therefore cast a shadow of a camel as a result. Do you know what I am talking about now? I hope this will make you understand the photo better. =) Hehe.


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