Friday, March 17, 2006

My Favourite Things

These are the pictures of my dogs - Hazel (Labrador Retriever), Almond (mixed) and KoKo (German Shepherd). I am missing them soooo much. I hope they are all doing very well at home under the care of Tiong Hoe.

Chocolate of unknown origin - has made all readers of my post dripping saliva and craving..I personally has declared it one of the 1001 things I must have before I die.
Beach, sun, breeze, sea, coconut trees, corals, fish - my ultimate breakaway option. I wish I could go to the Great Barrier Reef soon. And Haiti. And Mauritius (anything left there?). And Hawaii!

And how can I go to the beach without these fabulous trunks!!
+h@z Y ªƒ is luving aussieBum oh 啦啦


Winnie Wong said...

Hey, how did you do all that? Could you teach me?

Oscar said...

Your dogs are very cute, I have choclate labs too. they're sisters and their names are Rose and Ruth. I dont know about yours but mine are a handful. Nice blog!


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