Friday, March 03, 2006

Long weekends, again..

Didn't realise it myself until I was told that I was going to have long weekends again this semester. Yay! I only have classes from Tue to Thu. Mind you, my classes on Wed are unfortunately long strechted. I'll be having classes from 10am to 8pm, with breaks of 3 hours.

Am pretty happy about the new change. I am now looking forward to my semester. Rather than repeating some first year subjects, I now get to do what I want. It was, unfortunately, a misunderstanding. So it's solved now and all are happy.

Now I should start look for some temp jobs. Any takers? I can be of service from the kitchen to bedroom! Applicantions should be sent to me. Hahaha... JKJK..

Life should be good. I am hoping to catch 3 movies on Monday!! Brokeback mountain, transamerican and capote. All academy, golden globe and bafta hot picks.

And I am out - there's a seminar to attend tomorrow. Night y'all.

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