Monday, March 27, 2006

The envy of the world - truly Melbourne

The magnificient flash light. John and Rusty (the comedians) were soooo great in warming the audience up.

The great man behind the great game - Lord Mayor John So.

Dame Edna couldn't be here so she sent her iconic glasses over from the US. The song below was written by her and it made the ceremony truly Melbourne.

This is the part I love the most. I Love Melbourne!!!

I think it was a great idea (with small flaw=P).

Swee San and I tresspassing the VIP areas after ppl flocked out the MCG. It's so surprising that ppl cleared the stadium in such a short time. By the time we came down from level 5, around 70% of the seats were emptied.

They were the mysterious hooded people I saw during the show. I tot Lord Voldemort was at the stadium!! (Anyone remember the International Quidditch from Harry Potter?)

We've Made the Most of Melbourne
We give our thanks
Upon the Yarra's banks
And possums that is why I'm up here tonight!
Oh yes
They made the most of Melbourne
Those pioneers of Melbourne
Our hats are off to them.
Let's praise
This city of surprises
Of culture and high-rises
Australia's crowning gem
We've proven here today
That Melbourne loves to play
And sport is not a sin
Once we cheered Olympic flames
And now we've held these games
And let some of you win!
Those early settlers docked
A myriad folk have flocked
On work and pleasure bent.
And now the throng
Bursts into joyful song
To celebrate this Commonwealth event
We've made the most out of Melbourne
Its origins were humble
But look at Melbourne now
We've made the most of Melbourne
They said it couldn't happen
Well Melbourne take a bow!
This little spot called Melbourne
It's the city of my birth
It's not as hot as Brisbane or as far as Perth
It's not as small as Adelaide
Compared to Canberra, it's bliss
And if you've been to Melbourne
You can give Sydneya miss!
We've made the most of Melbourne
And we can boast of Melbourne
A thousand flags unfurled.
Let's drink a toast to Melbourne
The city of the future
The envy of the world.
As the world gets scarier
It's a pretty decent area
The envy of the world.

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