Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I often hear people say that they are depressed. The dictionary defines "depressed" as being sad and without enthusiasm or hope.

Some people can easily get into a depression. I do not know what is the medical cause that triggers that such a mental state. I hardly suffer from depression. It could be because I do not and sometimes can't recognise it as a depression. I do not want myself to fall into a depression. Maybe I'd like to think of myself as a strong-willed person.

My simple and non-psychological opinion of people getting into a depression is totally a self-inducing phenomenon. When one thinks that his or her outlook is getting slightly cloudy, one's mind sets itself getting greyer and greyer.

I have not had lots of bitter life experiences that are negative enough to put me straight to the point of no return. Basically my problems would be family-related, relationship-related, studies-related, friendship-related, my future/career, health and weight/self-consciousness problems.

I do not know of any psychological way or chemical substance to help me get rid of possible depressions. Either I have faced the problems directly or slept on them! Haha.. I just think that no matter what the problem is, it shouldn't affect, to a great extent, other aspects of my life. And some way or other I need to face the problem, track the source and device possible solutions. If there's not solution to be conceived, I will just accept the fact and then mostly the problem will just sit behind my mind, waiting for another time to strike or better, solution might come to me some time soon!

Perhaps some people deal with problems more positively than others. There are people who choose to face the demons and the others choose to run away from them, only to have them on your nerves forever. Giving in temporarily is just another way of giving up. I do not know how well can I face future pressure from life but I hope I can back myself up with determination and discipline everytime I need them.

I also do not know any other approaches to possibly help the depressed to be un-depressed. I do not understand how come it is so easy to get depressed and so hard to get out of it. I would share with them the way I would deal with the problem. Sigh...most of the time, I think my words just get flushed out of their systems the moment they try to register.

Is there people who doesn't wanna help him/herself? And is s/he not willing to be cruel in order to be kind to him/herself? I myself sometimes think that jumping out of one's comfort (or painful?) zone is quite hard to accomplish. We do tend to miss the bigger pictures when it matters the most.

I think I better not talk about the subject that I intended to bring up when I started the blog. S/he can make up his/her own mind and there's nothing an outsider can do unless s/he wants to change the situation him/herself.

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Winnie Wong said...

Hum, I reckon the best antidote to depression is time. (Cliche, yes, but true) Time dilutes all feelings.


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