Monday, September 26, 2005

Sick baby

My own vainity has costed me once again. Despite the terrible weather that we have been experiencing in Melbourne I have refused to dress up to that. Instead of putting on a jacket and/or a scarft I wear 2 shirts and that's it.

(Alfred should be made kneeling on durians while heading pineapples.) I didn't learn from my first lesson, which was days before the trip to the Fallscreek. Luckily I was on the verge of recovering else I would have to forfeit my $400 and the ultimate fun!

Now before going to the Grampians I have fallen sick just once more. My whole breathing system is just so screwed up. Phlegm, cough, running nose you name it. Headache has yet to develop. So the trip is blown up now. I don't wanna risk everyone's life by having a sick driver.

Moral of the story - Dress warmer Alfred! Be vain and be sick again!

1 comment:

Winnie Wong said...

dear sick baby,

wishing you a speedy recovery.

terrible to learn that you won't be heading to the Gramps.

take care.


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