Saturday, August 04, 2007


.. my face there's a pimple ready to ripen and become juicy. I thought I was done with pimples - I'm a man of a certain age, you know, pimples should stay away from me! Furthermore I also shiseido my face twice a day, scrubbed once or twice a week. They only grow on a certain area of my face, which is the lower right part, near the jaw line. Really felt like popping it. It'd be some kinda of a relief, after a sharp pain followed by a tear or two.

.. my desk there's Tony Parsons' The Family Way, Anita Nair's Mistress and Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner. Since I'm only part-timely employed with lotsa of spare time at night, I guess a little reading wouldn't hurt? I wonder how long has it been since I last enjoyed reading... Discounting Harry Potter. I have not touched too many books other than celebrity news (actually I don't read but just skim the pictures), academic must-read, online news and blogs. Since when I joined the Malaysian club where the average Malaysian only read no more than a few books a year! I have become one that refuses to read and think??!? I just want something easy for the eyes and I'm sure to become mentally retarded and illiterate soon!

.. my bed my quilt is still unmade. Some people don't make their beds. For example my youngest brother. We have to remind him almost every other day. We used to yell at him but that hadn't worked out too well I'm afraid. He does it better now, with occassional slips of course. Sometimes I hope that he would be different to other youngest siblings. However, he can't help being rude, demanding, inconsiderate, lazy, irresponsible and having a foul mouth! And somehow it's always the Mom that has to take the hit. Whenever I'm back home, his rough edges are tamed a little. I wonder if I should shoulder such responsibility. I'm not blaming my parents but I think they are a couple of tired parents. So tired that they now lack the superiority we used to fear, especially Mom's. It's strange to see that it's their edges have gone blunt, if I may say so. Now back to my bed. I think my bed is really out of order... I won't be too surprised if there's one night where the whole thing collapses. The saying is really now, good night, sleep tight, and don't let your bed collide?

.. the balcony of my apartment, now this is amusing, there are a couple of branches of a certain plant, rotting away. I so want to pick them up and go from apartment to apartment above mine, to find out who has lost some limbs, to a plant. I can't blame the weather if it was the wind that broke the branches. But I would be furious if some idiot cut those branches and just d-r-o-p-p-e-d them. I think sis was nearly hit by an empty beer bottle when she was out on the balcony. Often, our balcony also acts as a fail-safe due to its width. Whenever people above me washes their balconies, which they are not allowed to do, my balcony catches all the water. Soapy, dirtful water. I remember those branches being fresh, as they just appeared out of nowhere when I peered over the balcony one morning. Now, they have turned brown and wrinkly. Haha, I should actually put them in a vase and it'd serve as a decorative piece in the office of the corporate body.

.. my never accomplished to-do list, the number 1 task is to haul my ass to the gym and get fit. I don't want die of a heart attack or on a theatre table. You know ar, xxxx has just done a heart bypass surgery. So young lar you see.... Mom's kind words are ringing again.

.. my chair, I'm sitting quite uncomfortably. Not because of the chair, but I think I have got to sit on something else now. And you say that I don't share enough?

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