Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Stop Multiplying?

I wonder, if the solution to all the problems we have on earth lies in what people do in the bedroom and/or fertility centres?

First and foremost, fuel consumption. From dating to wooing to wedding (or rather it happens by deliberate accidents), how many energy has been put into it - transport, food, clothes, wedding ceremony (or just you know, hotel?) etc etc. And extravagant extra luxurious people have to import or export stuff or people to celebrate with them... All the black black oil is transformed into something called memories - which, can't feed the next generations.

If I were to believe in signs, like some churches blaming the homosexuals of New Orleans landed the place with Katrina, I'd say Tsunami happened because the earth was lack of lubricants - due to all petroleum being sucked up by human! Of course more earthquakes are bound to happen!

Secondly, CO2 emission. With the world pushing prices up by carbon trading, wouldn't it easier if we just produce less human? As I have many times pointed out that human is cancerous to the earth, from fuel consumption above, from the point where a sperm penetrates an egg, how much CO2 is being emitted into the atmosphere due to our actions? Going for check-ups at the clinics, baby clothing, baby rooms and millions of other baby, somewhat unnecessary, gadgets. The productions and transportation of these items - are the burning torches responsible for melting poles.

Look at India & China where the population explodes like an atomic bomb. The whole world is screaming for energy sources. Wind lar, sun lar, geothermal lar, biomass lar, even nuclear. But why aren't we stopping the source of all problem - OURSELVES? Instead, we have been digging out more petroleum and producing more CO2 along the way just to find alternative energy source, or so they claim.

When it's all so glorious about wind energy or nuclear energy to generate electricity, does anyone actually think about whether it is possible to carry a nuclear reactor in a CAR or BBQ with some bio-waste? And until that actually happens, how many more million human will be borned to consume how many more trillion barrels of petroleum and produce how many more zillion tonnes of CO2?

Is this one of the side effects of demoCRAZY, where majority agrees that we can breed without feeling responsible for the earth mother? Is it sensible to suggest human trading than carbon trading? Is it even humane to suggest that we should limit birth? Is it a bad instinct for species survival to think what I think? Like Agent Smith, I think our out-of-control multiplicability is definitely crashing our Matrix.

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