Monday, October 31, 2005


Was listening to Mix101.1 just now - lovely adult comtemporary songs. Suddenly it was playing Tracy Chapman's "Baby can I hold you". I know that song!! It was sung by Boyzone too.

Suddenly it all came back to me. The song 's lyric is very simple yet meaningful. And more coincidentally, I could have said it to someone tonight!!! Is this a sign? Is it?

Excitedly, I asked myself would I have packed the 2 Boyzone CDs all the way from Malaysia? With almost shivering hands I opened my CD pouch and there they were!

So I now am set back in a very nostalgic mode...listening to Boyzone. Thinking about myself being a boi then, when boybands were the hottest/hippiest thing on earth. And thinking about what could I have done differently then, and also just now.

Boyzone: Love me for a reason - Let the reason be love. Their very first international hit. It was in one of the compilation albums (still in casette) that I bought. I think it was the first of the then very famous compilation series "That What I Call Music" I think. It was a green cover with some gassy drink-like bubbles.

When I say nothing at all - is when I wanna say everything to you...

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