Monday, October 03, 2005

@|f's october iTune playlist

My taste has lately shifted to Zen and Saxaphone.

1. A few Zen/yoga/buddist meditation scores which really calm me and provide me the space
2. Sunshine - Ricki Lee
3. Can you feel the love tonight - Kenny G
4. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
5. Where the Streets Have No Names - U2
6. The Greastest View - Silverchair
7. I Want It All - Queen
8. If You Could Read My Mind - Studio 54
9. Waiting for You - Kenny G
10. You had Me from Hello - Jenny Chessy (He was married to Renee sorry-I-dunno-how-to-spell-her-surname for 5 months. They have just divorced recently. Turned out that the marriage is a scam as he is GAY!)
11. By the Time the Night is Over - Kenny G ft. Peabo Bryson (MMmmm, Peabo's big voice is so nicely complemented by Kenny's soothing saxaphone, I love this song!)
12. All the Way - Craig David (I almost turn his first and last names the other way round. This is a great party song. Sexy and turn the beat up ppl!)


Winnie Wong said...

By the Time the Night is Over - Kenny G ft. Elton John

<---- can I have that song? =)

I really like kenny G....I listened to his song once in this cafe and I was's it....and the lady @ the cafe told me they're planning this kenny G cd. =)

fanx! =)

Winnie Wong said...



not (planning)


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