Sunday, October 30, 2005

Queer Eye needed down under!

I don't understand what is wrong with Channel 10 seriously... It always axes my favourite shows - first Charmed and now Queer Eye.
Instead it puts on endless crime-fighting-corpse-autopsing shows, CSI or that sort which I don't watch anyway. And also rubbish reality show like the Australian Princess. Ah duh! They don't even wanna be princesses for cryin' out lout, but for the $100k!! Only the royalties who have the time of the UNIVERSE, who can afford to drink bloody tea with million customaries, have 24 sets of cutlery on a dining table, cut-both-ends-then-roll-over-the-banana-on-a-plate table manner and bla bla...

Well those are really besides the point. While we were having BKT last night, we saw on TV that one of the QueerGuy - Carson - was coming down to Melbourne on Cup day. And JK asked how come they were no longer on TV? So I though I'd check it out since I used to be a fan. As it turns out, expectedly I might add, that the show is still going hot in the states.

Have all the Australian male species, gay and straight alike and the in-betweens, turned up a notch or two on their fashion/tzujing/food-and-wine/grooming/culture-vulture gear? We do need their queer expertise!! Hahahaha... They are fun, witty and camp and real too, apart from the really helpful and oh-I-didn't-know-that-before kind of information.

I really could use a good laugh from time to time. That is what I look forward to on watching television. Not too intelectually demanding - just light and easy infotainment will do for me. Please put them back on Channel 10. Or has the queer culture died out of heat already? We need to be fabulous. We need Fab5!!

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elle said...

I miss FAB5 too...It's my favourite show! Too bad they axed it !!!!!!!!!


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