Friday, April 04, 2008

The Pregnant Man on Oprah

You may have read about it on the news but here's the premiere of the interview that the Queen of all talk shows had with Thomas, the pregnant man. 7 clips altogether. Thanks to Just Jared for mentioning it.

Amazing story and a real shock - never thought it would happen so soon. I remember reading about a without-uterus man getting pregnant in his stomach in papers years ago. They were exploring the possibility.

The interview confirmed my suspicion about Thomas - his originality. I thought he didn't look Caucasian when I first saw his picture on

I'm not so much of a person who supports fully the notion of just because we have the right to have children, we must explore all means to do that. I believe children themselves, but I don't know how, do have a say as to whether they want to be born. So am I talking about the possibility of a child suing his/her parents?

Anyway, T&T are an amazing and courageous couple, not to mention loving and committed. Thomas really is someone that's comfortable with himself now and Tracy also supports him fully. Let's wait to see their daughter in June/July 2008!

The interview also answered my question about what would testosterone do to a woman and her lady parts. The martial arts trainer that Thomas dated before must be having a good laugh. It's quite hilarious to think about their conversation: You walk like a man, talk like a man - go put on some make up!

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