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I think he's just trying to advance his position in UMNO - for his personal interest (again) - to degrade Abdullah even further.

For me, BN will not do it any further for me. A coalition of racial parties will not go any further than using racial causes for their own benefits. I was arguing with PJ - I told her I would want Anwar to be the next PM and she disagreed. I still believe that it was Mahathir that strategized and made Anwar go to jail. Anwar's party will have to represent Malaysian people instead of Malay (UMNO), Chinese (MCA) and Indian (MIC).

As per Tengku Razali - he said that UMNO should also fight for other races yet he attended "通過巫統恢复馬來人主權 " talk. The reason why UMNO people still hold onto their clutches is because they want to rely on the major race of the country. I do not envision there to be a day when there's no UMNO MPs who does not abuse their Malay aboriginal rights to their advantage.

What I think Tengku Razali should focus on (if he's all that clean himself) is his third point: 巫統領袖道德有問題. That couples with abusing aboriginal rights, is why we have to abolish UMNO, MCA & MIC altogether and come together as BN.

He did say one thing that is close to my heart: 巫統被一群極端的馬來人領導,對其它種族不滿時就高舉馬來劍. The Malay sword argument is the argument I hate the most. Which idiot said it? Of course it had to be Khairy, our beloved son-in-law of the PM. If I had the chance, I would kill him with that sword myself.

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