Sunday, July 22, 2007

And 19 years later...

There has never been anything quite like it, and nobody knows whether there ever will be again.

After about 11 hours of reading I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am still coming down on it. Into reading the first few chapters, my crying face already started to form and when MEM was killed, I couldn't help it. And then there goes H, D, F, T & R (I didn't cry for R as his death came too abrupt but I had always had deeper affection for R).

The first few chapters were gripping where the protagonists have to run away from You-Know-Who. After the wedding where H, R & H went on their own, I felt that it was a little boring. The boredom was occassionally dampened by some new findings, though not very great ones. It started to pick up again when they return to Hogwarts and get ready for the battle. And we get to see some of the old characters again. It's nice to end it at where it all matters.

On a funnier side, I think it's the first time J. K. Rowling uses the B word in her book. Children book. She hasn't used it before has she? What are parents gonna say to explain it? I wonder. But I thank you, J. K. Rowling, first of all for beating the Queen in wealth. Secondly for Harry Potter. The world had never seen such magical power until you came along. We got hooked since.

And a smart move too to bring the ending to 19 years later - J. K. obviously likes to have an ending from the very beginning, whilst finding ways to get there. No matter whoever, if ever there is, writes the in-between, she's got the ending in her hands, just quite like the current Harry Potter series.

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