Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tel Aviv - checked!

Tel Aviv is a place that I had never been to. Until last night or this morning.

So I was on, apparently, The Fantasy-Amazing Race with my good friends Sherly, PKH & LSS. We were using a map to get around Tel Aviv in a SUV. Once we found where we were supposed to get to, we just got out of the car and ran! When we finished our task, there were 2 policemen standing next to our SUV as it was illegally parked. But then we all tried to be nice and innocent and they let us go!

We got back into the car and followed the map to get out of Tel Aviv. When we were on a very large highway, I realised that we were actually flying on a carpet! I was the pilot! We then moved on flying above a gigantic bridge-like structure and the view was just breathtaking. If this isn't strange enough, there's actually a portrait of some bearded man on the mountain. Next we stopped on top of the bridge and checked into a hotel...

Bizarre.... I know.... So I now have been to Tel Aviv, or so I think in my dreams.

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