Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour 2008 - Action!

It's 7.44pm and I'm getting ready to burn down the house. That's a possibility since I'm gonna lit so many candles at once. I even had a feeling that if there were many people who took action and held candle-lit parties, the Melbourne Fire Brigade might have a busy evening.

Wanted to join the group in Federation Square initially but I gave in to the rain (what a loser - people saving the Earth and you give in to the rain?!). I'd rather save energy by staying home and conserve the dinna (yummy roast chicken and vegetable) that I just had.

I haven't actually thought about what to do yet. But I think I could do some stuff in the kitchen like cutting a rock melon?

The news says that only 10% of people who take part in this activity will change to green energy. I'm gonna consider to be one of the 10%. I figure - if I pay a few dollars more a month, I'll be more diligent in making sure no electricity go to waste. So as a result, I might save more!

The candle show 2008:


You can see the before and after the candles were lit. Isn't it romantic? Now I need my darling - where's my pillow?

Earth Hour 2008 024

I love this pic a lot! Thanks to Winnie who gave it to me as a birthday present. And of course - thanks to the fa-bu-lous photographer.

5 more mins to 8pm. I'm gonna shut down my computer and turn off the modem. Hmmm... It's gonna be an hour of silence because that actually saves most energy.

I hope this someone out there will be inspired and think about energy conservation and other bigger things.

Update (30/3/08): It was really not easy to live without an ounce of electricity. I was trying to cut a rock melon and boy did the lantern work! I couldn't really see much. While bending down over the bin to scoop off the seeds, I wasn't sure if I was scooping the seeds alone or with the flesh as well. I thought I would cut myself but luckily I didn't.  I wasn't just appreciating how precious electricity was but also my eye sight. Throughout the one hour, I tried not to do too much (nothing much to do anyway) to conserve energy and almost fell asleep after 30 mins, Hehe.

I also looked up Origingreen and found out some info about the extra cost associated with churning to GreenPower. If I were to switch to 100% solar power, the estimated extra cost for 1 year, based on a 5000kWh p.a. average person usage, is AUD300. I looked up my electricity bills, my individual annual usage is no more than 25kWh. Who uses 5000kWh energy a year? That person should be cast away to Timbaktu to carbon-offset whatever s/he has used. So 25 out of 5000 is just 0.5% and that translates to extra $1.5 a year?!?! If that's the case everyone should go green! $1.5 can't even buy much these days but it could buy you a greener, if energy companies are putting the money where they say they would, Earth.

However that's just my personal straightforward calculation. Who knows if green power and usage have a negative relationship: the less you use the more expensive it is. I've sent an email to Origin and hopefully they'll clarify to me asap. 5000kWh a year is pretty much! How many tonnes of CO2 does that translate into?

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