Friday, March 21, 2008

Earth Hour

Link here.

So at 8pm March 29 2008 (Friday), the world turns off light for one hour.

Arrange your candle-light party, appreciate and more importantly, reflect how can you go green.

Make the switch - realise how often you do not switch off the power at the wall; realise how often you do not switch off unused light; realise how you can change your grocery purchase to be greener; realise how you can influence the people around you.

Think about the way we operate these days - everything is about wealth, which is the purpose of life for many many people, including myself. The way we create wealth is by torturing the earth and hence endangering the survival of innocent lives.

Life is meaningless if we don't have a future to look forward to; worse if we have a worsening future to look forward to. So start doing your part today.

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