Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It's one of my favourite festivities - the Chinese New Year. Something that is looked forward to as relatives from far and near meet and catch up. And it's always associated with food and, more food.

However, my automatic reaction when CNY arrived this year was that I became full. I wasn't really not having appetite but I knew I wasn't gonna pig my way in the dining room. Eating too much is really a sin for me - the process of getting rid of the blotiness really kills the fun of eating.

Dad and Tiong Hoe are greatly missed this year. They are in 福建晋江省东石镇as we speak. It's been one of Dad's must-do for quite some time already. After the three of us, Tiong Hoe was the last one to have not visited Dad's place of birth. After they reached there, sms-es were pouring in. They read: I'm dying here, please save me. That and other variations conveying the meaning that my youngest bro wasn't surviving the life there. It's quite understandable, Tiong Hoe didn't get to speak much in Hokkien (闽南) after he was borned, at least not as much as I. He wouldn't be able to understand much, if not at all, the words that are coming out from the locals' mouths. Furthermore their accent should be original hence a little heavier. Most importantly, he had no other choice but to go with my Dad. Coincidentally it's also a chance for him to learn of Dad's birthplace and the people who have contributed in Dad's life.

I'll be going back to Melb on Sat. I'm sure I'll cry when I hug Dad and Mom goodbye. I know how much I'll be missing home. As much as it's enough to make me cry when I think about home.

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