Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I was in front of my computer applying evisa. The supposedly mute door bell rang and jump-started my alert system. Who would be at the gate? I impatiently got up and rush outside. Trying to peep through the reflective windor glass I saw a man standing behind the wall. I couldn't see his face, just the thin body line.

Moving to another part of the house where I thought I could get a better view of the could-be intruder, he might have sensed my presence and got into his car instead of lingering around. Damn! I didn't catch the plate number exactly. It was a Saga. The plate was WCH 6***.

This wasn't the first time stranger comes knocking or trying to break into my house. It's dangerous for people who have big houses to live around in parts of Malaysia where the wealth gap is visibly tempting. Robbery, assault, rape, homocide.

I remember when we first moved in there was a guy who also pretended to be a sales man and wanted to gain entry to my house. Another time it was before Swee San and I boarded MH148 headed for Melbourne. The padlock at the main door was kinda turned around to a position where my cousin had to use tools to turn it back to the original position. And the water tray for Hazel had been moved from its usual position, which was unlikely for Hazel to move it herself.

Can't remember who called from home while San and I had already started boarding. We immediately sat down and talked to whoever-that-called. I still have weak knees and standing-up hair whenever I think about this.

Tiong Teck is going to Taylor's College in Subang Jaya in March. Tiong Hoe will probably be alone at home where my parents won't be at until at night. I hope he listens to us (lock every door before you open the next, wink*wink*The*Others) and doesn't wander around.

It used to be worse when my Dad didn't allow us to lit the surrounding of the house at dusk. We couldn't see when we come back from our shop in town. Not to mention if anyone was hiding. It just sends shiver up my spine. With 3 still-young dogs (Hazel and Almond slightly more than 1 year old and KoKo 3 months old) in their kennels most of the time (they can be great terminators of plants around the house when unwatched) I am worried if they could sense any alien in the house. On top off that, poisoning a dog is like a walk in the park.

Worried sick I am.

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