Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back in Malaysia

Just an account of what I have done so far since Dec 22 2005... Haven't been blogging at all (complain later). Now waiting for Mum to come back from her line dancing class so that we can see photos together on the TV. Yup she just got back and headed for the shower. I'll aim for a quick posting now.

Hmm, dating back to Dec 22, it was a very good day for me. It was my first time on a business class. The seat was so spacious. The leg room was fantastic! And the service and food. It was splendid. I thought I couldn't fly economic anymore when I went down to the lower deck (yes I was on the upper deck of the plane - fucking exciting for me!) to visit Swee San (and yes she didn't fly business class due to her old ignorance). Haha.. Well it's really an unforgetable experience for me.

Pey Jung came from Penang to visit us in almost-flooded Kelantan on the next day. We didn't bring her around much as there's nothing much to see in Kelantan but paddy fields and perhaps mosques? And muddy flood water. She wanted to buy some broidery baju kebaya (pardon my spelling) but unfortunately they are not ready made. But I guess she enjoyed herself very much with the infamous keropok gote (as my sis and PJ affectionately put it).

While Pey Jung was here, we embraced a new member to our family. Enter Koko (or Cocoa, we haven't really decided on which yet). She's our new pet dog, a German Shephard. She's sooooo cute but she has itchy teeth. Swee San was slightly bitten by her today. Together with Hazel and Almond, our house is really crowded with pets now. Hahaha...poor Tiong Hoe, my brother has to take care of them. We do help but the dogs love him the most. Funny and realistic enough, Hazel doesn't even wanna come near me when I have no snacks in my hands.

For the new year, we went to Penang. Yea, I love Penang more with each visit. It's not as crowded compared to KL and not as ulu as Kelantan. Furthermore there are my favourite prawn mee and char kuey teow. Thanks for my aunty, Mr/Mrs Heow, Angelene and Aunty Peggy for bringing us around for the best cuisines in town. I also bought 3 pair of pants from Seed, my favourite brand of clothing. This line of clothing always fits me very very very well. I also snatched a tee shirt which was supposedly for my brother! Hahah

I think Mum is ready now, which means that I'll prolly stop here. Till then. Please take care everyone, and Happy 2006. Will try to post more soon.

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Winnie Wong said...

Happy 2006 to you toooooo! =)

See you again at Down Under soon (hopefully).

*I just missed my flight and I'm stuck at the airport feeling extremely helpless...sigh..*


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