Monday, June 22, 2009


It is discriminatory! Or plain stupid?

Has anyone else watched a DVD, when choosing subtitles, and is taken aback when it says "English (for the hearing impaired)".

Oh excuse me thank you very much. My ears are working just fine. Are they saying unless you have 100% perfect hearing you can't watch a movie with subtitles? Cue rolling eyes please.

And, and, and, this insult is double-fold as it is only hurled at people who supposedly think they can converse in English. If you don't understand English and are French, you don't get insulted for your limited command of the English language or limited ear drums perhaps. Same goes for the German, the Japanese and the Arabian.

If we use the logic of deduction, where the
First statement is A person whose mother tongue isn't English needs subtitles,
Second statement is A person who needs subtitles have impaired hearing,
Conclusion must be A person whose mother tongue isn't English has impaired hearing!

Go figure. Now can I sue Dreamworks, Warners Brothers and all other production studios?


WinWin said...

LOL....but why can't the conclusion be:

A person who is either hearing impaired OR whose mother tongue isn't English needs subtitles.

Alfred said...

NO! That's not how deduction works..
If A is B,
If B is C,
Then A is C!

小心聲 said...

I know....when i saw that
i felt quite insulted too...
although i normally dont read the subtitle but i am used to set english subtitle while watching dvd ;)


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